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News and Notes From The Past February Word and Work Issues

by Compiled By Larry Miles

  logoww 100 Years Ago,  February 1917 Vol. XI, No. 2 - R. H. Boll’s Bible Classes, third course, begin February 20. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, the lessons will be in Psalms and Proverbs; on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, in 1 and 2 Peter and 1 John. No tuition, free rooms, all welcome.

     80 Years Ago, February 1937,  (This is about 1937 Flood relief) From  Abilene,Tex. . "Dear Brother J.: We received your card today.   We will take an offering Sunday for Christians at Louisville. You and Brother Boll can direct its use as you see fit. Please let us know your needs. Dr. Wood sent us a card after he talked to you over·telephone I am sure we cannot imagine how awful the suspense was. May God bless you in getting things back together again. Let us hear as soon as possible."- E. P. Mead.

     75 Years Ago. February 1942, Vol. XXXVI, No. 2  New Orleans, LA.:  “ We are now in our in our fourth month in the work of the Lord in this ‘great, needy and disinterested city.’ There is much to be done in this field and the laborers are few. Our attendance  here at Seventh and Camp has been hindered considerably by the  cold weather so far this year. We pray and strive for increase in interest and attendance. The hearts of our brethren here are ever toward the Lord to do His will and to seek His blessing upon the work in this city. The hope and joy  of all is His return.” – E. C. Ringer

     60 Years Ago,  February 1957, Vol. LI, No. 2, --- K. B. C. Bible Conference--  Frank M. Mullins, head of the Bible Department at Kentucky Bible College, is announcing their annual Bible Conference to be held from March 4 - 8, between Sundays. Ministers, church workers from far and near are expected to «be present. Last year about forty ministers were on the program. Many were on for fifteen-minute talks. Sleeping accommodations will be provided for those who write in for reservations. Meals will be available at the college cafeteria at reasonable rates. Those who plan to attend should write Frank M. Mullins, Kentucky Bible College, Winchester, Kentucky, for reservations. Also this will expedite the selection of speakers. Do not miss one single day of this season of inspiration and fellowship in the Lord!

     50 Years Ago, February 1967, VOL LXI, No. 2, Baxter, Ky.: The Lord blessed us in 1966 with nine people becoming Christians here at Rosspoint. David Schreiner conducted a three-night youth revival in December. —Harry Coultas

     25 Years Ago,  February 1992, LXXXVI, No. 2  Turkey Creek, LA.  The Southeast La. Fellowship in Amite  was very good. We enjoyed having Robert and Joy Garrett with us last Sunday.  Now  preparing for a teachers' training course in Jennings to begin next week. -Glenn Baber


                   Compiled by Larry Miles, Co-Editor of Word and Work

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