The  following  paragraph written by Bro. Boll appeared in the June 8, 1904 “Gospel Advocate.”

RHBoll1903The church at Ephesus met the requirements. It loved the truth and stood loyal to it without shutting its eyes and ears. It had no sympathy for impenitent evil doers in its midst, and showed no partiality to the rich and ” important ” members in the matter. (2 Thess. 3: 6.) It made the false apostles pass through the Scripture test. It hated! the works of the Nicolaitan’s; and the church was on Christ’s side in that, too. Truly, it was an intolerant church, but intolerant only of the devil and his work. Let us not get so indifferent but that the faith of the  Lord Jesus Christ will enlist our feelings,for much of the boasted toleration of the day is simply unbelief and indifference. Is there no Rock where we may stand? Does the Lord approve our tolerating a wrong thing·? (See Rev. 2: 15, 16.) Therefore, let us be steadfast and immovable, grounded on the truth, that our labor may not be in vain, and no man take our crown.

ROBERT H. BOLL. June 6, 1904  Gospel Advocate