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Our Readers Have Asked About Alex Wilson

by Sandra Naugle

Some have inquired why Alex Wilson no longer appears as editor of www.wordandwork.org.   In order that these may be updated on Alex, we will relate the circumstances of his relinquishing the duties of editor.  In 2008, Alex asked Bennie Hill, Larry Miles, Ray Naugle, and Sandra Naugle if we would be willing to help him with the website and take over the responsibilities in the future.  We all agreed we would certainly be willing.  By then, Alex knew that he was having some ‘thinking’ problems and felt at some point that he would not be able to handle the online Word and Work.  As his thought processes grew progressively more confused, it finally became necessary for those he had asked earlier to take over all the duties of the website several years ago.  You may still see articles written by Alex with a notation at the bottom ‘reprinted from an earlier Word and Work edition’.

As Alex continued to have more and more trouble with his thinking process and other problems, just recently his wife, Ruth, became unable to care for him.  Alex is now in a fine nursing facility in Louisville not far from their home.  He seems to be content there and he enjoys gathering with others around the piano and singing hymns and other old time songs.  This is something his family used to do when he was young and with his Father at the keyboard.

We appreciate prayer for Alex and for Ruth. The four of us that are now involved with keeping the Word and Work going online also appreciate prayer for decisions that must be made and for articles that are appropriate for the website each month. We also appreciate prayer that the articles will reach those who have need of knowing the truths of God’s Word and the way of Salvation.

We want to give special appreciation to the leaders of Sellersburg Church of Christ.  They provide transcribed messages that are on the Words of Life Radio Program in order that we may use them on the Word and Work website.   We also welcome new articles, but we do reserve the right to decide whether a submitted article will appear and/or when it will appear.

Since we took over all the duties of Word and Work, Sandra Naugle does the editing of articles presented each month on the Word and Work web magazine.  Larry Miles also contributes to the articles and Larry ‘posts the articles’ to the website.  Alex’s grandson, Matthew Wilson, handles the website and ‘makes it live’.  Our thanks to Matt for continuing to do a beautiful job with our website.  Bennie Hill does News and Notes, and Ray Naugle is involved in decisions about which articles we use on the site.

If you have any memories of Alex that you would like to share with us, we will be compiling those memories into a future article to be presented in one of the monthly web magazines.   You may send those to either of the following email addresses: Larrymiles1952@gmail.com or sknaugle@gmail.com.  Or snail mail to Sandra Naugle, 545 Linnwood Ave. Sellersburg, IN 47172.


                       Submitted by the Editorial Team,

                                                Larry Miles, Bennie Hill, Ray Naugle, Sandra Naugle.

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