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A View of America’s Soul

by Don McGee

Copied from Crown and Sickle Ministries May 2016

     Just when we thought our national soul had degraded itself to the lowest possible level something else happens to show that there just might not be an end to how degraded a nation can become. From last summer’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision to allow homosexuals to marry to today’s Department of Justice decision to sue North Carolina over its law requiring men to use men’s restrooms, official America continues to choose wallowing in filth over walking in righteousness.

Not every Supreme Court justice was in agreement last summer, and we can reasonably assume not every employee of the Justice Department agreed with the agency’s decision to fight the NC law. But, that does not matter. A nation is accountable before God for its national policy no matter private dissension. Though our accountability before Him will be personal, we might indeed be touched by His judgment because we live in a country that officially abhors Him.

There are several things that need to be noted about official America. These things are not pleasant to note because they fly in the face of what some Christians believe about the U.S. being a “Christian nation”, and because most of us love our country so very much. But, to ignore the truth is never a wise thing.

A human being has a soul that will never die. It will exist in a body of some kind for all eternity either in the presence of the Lord, or in hell. A nation has what could be called a soul, too, but it is not like a human’s. It is the national conscience and character of a people, and it changes as the nation’s official policy changes. It will eventually be discarded at some point in the future when that nation no longer exists as we might know it today. Our country has such a soul.

America has never been perfect. But her founders knew the critical role God plays in a nation’s establishment and continued welfare, and they used the Bible as something of a guide as they wrote, edited and re-wrote the founding documents. The eventual result was the U.S. Constitution which established national policy and severely limited the power of the federal government. But, things have changed. Modern career politicians could not care less about the convictions of the Founding Fathers and they, along with modern jurists, are doing all they can to transform the Constitution into a living document that can be easily changed by culture-influenced judicial activism. The Founder’s intent was that it would forever be an original document that could be amended only by the people. But, you see, that hinders their cultural revolution. Culture-influenced judicial activism – this is a major reason we are where we are.

When this nation ignores God’s moral law it is not simply rejecting what the Founding Fathers believed and incorporated into official America, it is rejecting God whose word was greatly relied upon for purpose and stability. The result has been the changing of the standard by which free people are to live. The standard went from one of moral strength and sanctity to one where the increasingly corrupt practices of a God-hating, seething mob of humanity reigns supreme. Liberty becomes confused with license which, in turn, leads to a situation where moral rot festers like pus in an infected, swollen carbuncle. That is official modern America.

But to be precise, America has never been a Christian nation. Official America has never endorsed the cardinal points of Christianity; that is, our Constitution does not proclaim that Jesus was virgin-born, lived a sinless life, was crucified, was buried and three days later arose from the dead, etc. Many of the Founding Fathers believed that, and through the years many of her citizens believed it also. But the gospel has never been a part of our national policy. Perhaps America’s past could best be described by the term “godly” in that we had laws and customs that were rooted in what is commonly called the Judeo-Christian ethic.

But today even the term “godly” no longer applies to official America. God, the Bible and prayer have been removed from anything having to do with the government. Schools dismissed God from their classrooms in the 1960s. He was replaced with anti-God speech, gutter-level vulgarity, physical assault, indiscipline, politically correct speech, socially correct school promotions, etc. Presently military chaplains, VA chaplains and others are being ordered to stop praying in the name of Jesus and to stop quoting from the Bible. One evangelical chaplain from a San Diego VA facility quit in 2013 due to official VA harassment, and soon after another was dismissed for refusing to heed the no-Jesus, no-scripture rule.

Since 1973 America has murdered, under official government sanction, 59 million babies in their mother’s wombs. The Internal Revenue Service, an official collection and enforcement arm of the U.S. Government, admitted after the 2012 election that it had targeted and harassed Christian groups with unprecedented questions on their tax exempt applications. The IRS asked for the content of their prayers and even demanded they not protest a particular Planned Parenthood abortion mill. Further, America’s President Obama refuses to call Muslim terrorists Muslim terrorists though they killed more Americans on 911 than the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor.

America’s Founding Fathers did not intend for their new republic to become a nation whose official religion was Christianity. An official state religion was something the Pilgrims were fleeing from in Europe, and who knows what flavor of Christianity the country would adopt as official? Many of us would have problems capitulating to what some people call Christianity today. No, the Founding Fathers knew that the establishment of a state religion would be counter to liberty. Rather, they connected the republic to Judeo-Christian principles that any liberty loving people would support, and provided that the practice of religion would be individual and free from any government oversight.
But, things have changed under color of law. Christian practices are now considered offensive to others. However, if this argument is studied closely it becomes obvious that Christians do not, in fact, offend others. They work, pay taxes, vote, take vacations, educate their children and do most all those things the opposition group does. Except they take stands on moral issues. And that is the rub.

When Christians say homosexuality is sin, men using women’s restrooms is sin (and paves the way for monstrous crime), that shacking up is sin, etc., they immediately become officially offensive. They become the targets of the worse kind of scorn and rage that can be imagined. Secularists charge Christians with hating homosexuals and fornicators while knowing that is not true though never admitting it. The truth, you see, does not enhance their agenda. They know that disagreeing with a practice or an ideology is not hatred, yet the accusation rolls easily off their tongues, and it is accepted by the ignorant without a second thought. Basically they hate God, they hate the Bible and they hate anyone whose allegiance is to God. This is now the official, legal, national soul of modern America. And in case one can’t see it, modern America’s soul has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.

As someone has said, truth has now become the new hate speech.  This reminds me of something that is attributed to George Orwell, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

Some Christians wonder if this downward slide can be stopped. Some quote 2 Chronicles 7:14 and believe if enough Christians do this God will make things better. The verse says: “…and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” God may do whatever He wants to do in response to prayer, but I don’t think anything of great significance will change. There are two main reasons for this.

First, this promise is made to Israel, to “My people”. These are, in fact, God’s words to King Solomon in response to his dedication of the Temple he had just completed. Christians are God’s people through Jesus (children of faith through Abraham, Galatians 3:7), but this specific promise was to the children of Jacob, Israelites in a covenant relationship with God. The entire nation was involved in the covenant from the king down to the common man.

This was part of Israel’s national policy 3000 years ago. Yes, it is a general principle by which we live as Christians (see also 1 John 1:9), but it is not a promise applicable specifically to American Christians.
Second, scripture says very clearly that there will be no great revival during the end time. In fact, just the opposite is true; see 2 Thessalonians 2, 1 Timothy 4, 2 Timothy 3, etc. There are sporadic exceptions with revival coming in small pockets, but there will be no world wide revival nor anything resembling a national revival. God may respond to the fervent prayers of His people in any way He wishes, but scripture shows there will not be a global turning to God that will derail the wrath that is coming upon this world and upon this nation.

Still, we are thankful for those Christians who impact our culture. Those who give help to the unfortunate knowing they will never be repaid, and never even wanting it. Those who are good neighbors and bosses and employees and teachers and even some politicians. Those military leaders who not only lead brave men into battle, but who also model Jesus Christ before those they may have to lead to their deaths. Yes, for every Christian who has not capitulated to the gross sensualism of the American 21st Century, and who lives to the highest biblical standard we are indeed thankful.

But the dark truth is that the general population of America is isolated from God and from any real spiritual influence, and that this isolation is self-imposed. Americans live where evangelical churches are most everywhere, and there is no shortage of Bibles, but few take advantage of them. It is not that God has closed off the truth from America; the fact of the matter is that we. don’t. want. it! And the issue of so-called sexual identity is the latest example of this.

Several days ago a popular news channel presented a short debate on the sexual identity issue. The proponent of men using women’s restrooms quickly ran out of argument and had nothing of logic and substance to offer so he immediately blasted the opponent with the “you don’t understand and you missed the point” mantra. The essence of what he was saying was that those who detest decadence are intellectually incapable of identifying decadence.

Many people are wondering how we, as a nation, could have become so comfortable in the sewer of depravity. The answer is easy because it is the same answer to the question of why many people accept the theory of evolution as fact. It is interesting that atheists have to keep each other alert to the dangers of immutable truth by reminding each other to “keep in mind the laws of nature” as they do their research. Everything they see that points to God and His creation must be rejected, and the only way to do that is to begin all research under the pre-established assumption of atheism. No matter what is discovered that proves that God exists and that He created the very matter they examine, it must be rejected. Paul, in Romans 1, said they “suppress the truth in unrighteousness”. That makes a nation comfortable in filth.

Just as God established the laws that promote life and order in the material world thus making atheism a farce, so He has established the moral law of God that is evident to any who might wish to take note; a fact that makes people accountable before Him (Romans 1:18,19). People do not have to really wonder if homosexuality, bestiality, incest and a number of other perversions are wrong. Nor do they have to really wonder if men using the public facilities of women and little girls is a bad idea or not. That they are suppressing truth is quite obvious, but they do not care.

Consider something else. Part of the Position Statements of the American College of Pediatricians says, “The American College of Pediatricians urges educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts – not ideology – determine reality.” And point number eight in the statement says, “Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.” (http://www.acpeds.org/the-college-speaks/position-statements/gender-ideology-harms-children) One more fact: You don’t have to go to medical school to know these things.

Of late the American people have chosen to ignore the warnings about our astronomical deficit spending and our trusting those who are consistently untrustworthy. Further, we have tolerated politicians and others who wish to enhance division by their inflammatory speech and their official unilateral orders. And we have tolerated the invalidation of the laws of God. Neither politicians, bureaucrats and constituencies fear being held accountable. But soon they will be.

Is America a Christian nation? Not hardly. Once godly? Yes, to some degree. But now we would rather live for sensuality and materialism, purposefully blinding ourselves to the truth that nature itself so clearly reveals. We should be warned: God will not long tolerate the sin and buffoonery of a debased, obstinate national will. DLM



(Editor’s note: I recently found this in my files. I clipped it from Daily World, Opelousas, LA on December 26, 1980. Many of our readers are familiar with the late Paul Harvey and also with this article. Let it bless you again.)

What is God Like?

By Paul Harvey

Sometimes I think there is one question behind all our questions. Rarely is it framed by these precise words except, perhaps, to chaplains on battlefields and in prisons and hospitals. But the one paramount question – and it relates pertinently to contemporary events – is: What is God like?

The late Dr. J. Wallace Hamilton answered that question to my satisfaction when he said the word for God most frequently on Jesus’ tongue was “Father”. In the New Testament there is no sermon in which the word “Father” does not appear, no prayer in which it is omitted. The first recorded words on the Cross were, “Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit.”

For any earthly father to see his children grow up and go away, setting their affections on things outside the home, finding satisfaction and enjoyment in the companionship of others, is quite difficult enough.

But, when it is a willful estrangement, there is no sorrow to be compared with that. To bring a child to life and to a degree of maturity, and then to see him grow coarse and cheap and fling away his birthright, to dream the best for him and see him choose the worst – this is the ultimate anguish for a parent.

In handling the contemporary news, I watch helplessly the tragic waste of the wayward young. Imagine the anguish if they were your own.

I remember hearing of a preacher’s son who grew up keen and clean and wholesome. High school-age, he fell in with a brilliant but foul-mouthed and atheistic adult. His admiration for the man’s brilliance encouraged him to emulate his hero otherwise. At home the boy became sullen, irritable, unmanageable, contemptuous of his parents.

One midnight the preacher, with a heavy heart, stole softly into his son’s bedroom. The air was filled with the stale stench of overindulgence. He found the boy’s mother kneeling by his bed, stroking his hair, kissing his forehead, weeping. Through her tears she said, “He won’t let me love him when he’s awake.”

That is what God is like.





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