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New and Notes (March 1916)

by R H Boll

Brother Chambers reports the interest at New Orleans growing; church and Bible class attendance the best ever. He spent a few days recently with Brother Hebert, of whom he writes: “He is active, aggressive, successful, growing happy, true, sound; 514 additions to date.”

Brother and Sister Freeman Davidson of Louisville, are the proud parents of a baby girl. The readers will remember that less than a year ago they volunteered for the foreign field. This event will suggest one of the things that figured in their remaining here.

Brother Boll’s treatment of prophetic matter in the January number was entirely introductory. If you want to follow all his writings on prophet subjects, you should begin with the February issue. In that number begins the first of a series of articles along that line, “Pre-millennialism”—and there also is found the first meeting, for study, of the “Prophetic Enquirers.” We are prepared to furnish the next one hundred subscribers with the February issue, free of charge, if they make request for it.

The Bible study course which began last November, in rooms built for the purpose at 25th and Portland avenue, are now drawing to a close. We believe the attendance and interest have been the very best ever. Prophetic books have not been featured though there ‘has been an effort to give each its rightful place. Ezekiel and Daniel in the Old Testament; Acts, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, 1 Thessalonians, and 2 Timothy in the New, have been covered. A fine group of preachers have been in attendance, as well as a number of other Christian workers. The church provides dormitory free of charge, the only expense being for board (club plan), which is very slight. A number of the young men who have come, take advantage of the free tuition at the University of Louisville and the Southern Seminary. We look for still larger classes next winter.

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