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AMERICA NEEDS A JOSIAH — Why an ancient Jewish king provides a powerful model for the next American President.

by Joel Rosenberg

Josiah(Washington, D.C., August 18, 2015) -- As the presidential campaign season heats up, Americans are trying to get to know the many candidates in both parties and determine who would be best to lead America in 2017 and beyond. Who has the right character, vision, and detailed, substantive, serious plans for reform? Who has the wisdom, experience and sound judgment? Who is ready for the enormous and complicated challenges facing this great country?

Choosing the right leader is not an easy process, but it is vitally important. After all, America is on the wrong track. We are going in the wrong direction. We are in deep trouble as a nation, heading steadily -- perhaps rapidly -- towards implosion. We’ve murdered 57 million babies. Five Justices on the Supreme Court have decided that the Bible is wrong and they know better what marriage should be. We’re taken on $18 trillion in debt with no end in sight. We are surrendering to Iran and ISIS. Our tax code is corruptingly complex and killing jobs and opportunity. We can’t -- or won’t -- control our sovereign borders. Our schools are a mess. Violence, drugs and pornography is epidemic. Sadly, the list goes on and on.
So who can get us turned around and heading in the right direction? I’ve been praying about this and studying the Scriptures for many months, asking the Lord for clarity. And here is what I have concluded:
America needs a Josiah.
A President cannot save America from all our troubles, but leadership matters. We need a leader like the one-time King of Judah whom the Bible describes as one of the most humble, strong, wise and impressive leaders of all-time. Last week, at the Word of Life Bible camp in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, I taught a five-day series of messages titled, “Living Like Jeremiah In A Time of Coming Judgment.” It was a survey of the life and times and ministry of the ancient Hebrew prophet Josiah. (W&W editor comment: he must have meant Jeremiah.) I’ll post more notes from those messages in the days ahead. But on Day #2, I taught about the first of five kings Jeremiah served under. His name was Josiah and his story, I believe, is one that offers great hope. So I posted these notes first.
I hope you’ll take a moment and read through these notes on the blog, and read through the accounts of King Josiah in 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles. At the end of these notes, you’ll see some of my “final thoughts” about how I believe the life and lessons of Josiah apply to our time and this presidential campaign. I hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to share with others.



From website: Joel C. Rosenberg is an American communications strategist, author of The Last Jihad series, founder of The Joshua Fund and an Evangelical Christian. He has written five novels about terrorism and how he feels that it relates to Bible prophecy, including Gold Medallion Book Award winner, The Ezekiel Option. He also has written two nonfiction books, Epicenter and Inside the Revolution, on what he sees as the resemblance of biblical prophecies and current events. He and his wife Lynn have four sons and reside near Washington, D.C., where they are members of the McLean Bible Church.  Update from Rosenberg’s own blog: Rosenberg and his family now split their time between Israel and America.

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