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2015 Prophecy Seminar Held in Louisville, KY in April at Portland Christian School Campus

by Don McGee

DonMcGeeMonday Night Topic: “Days of Noah” Speaker: Don McGee.

Date:  Monday, April 13, 2015.

(W&W will be running this transcribed series one message each month starting this month and in the next 4 months.)

Welcome, greetings to you in the name of our Lord. I am glad that you have chosen to be with us this evening.

There are 5 messages that I want to present this week. One of them is the rebirth of Israel. I am going to do this one in a way that I have never done in the past. I used some of this stuff earlier and I kind of approached the rebirth in a whole different perspective and I want to use that.  I want to talk about signs found in technology and then I want to talk about in the shadow of the horsemen. Between now and later on this week, read Revelation, chapter 6, see what it says, and be prepared to hear my application of those things.  Then, the sign of modern apostasy.

Tonight, we are going to look at, “Like The Days Of Noah,” the days of Noah. Would you please bow with me in prayer?

Lord, this is Your time, it's Your word, we are Your servants. If there is any blessing to receive here tonight, it is going to be because of the work of the Holy Spirit in my heart as I expound these things and in the hearts of those who will hear. As Brother Bud said earlier in prayer, we want to honor Your name and we want to edify each other.  For the sake of Jesus we pray, amen.

Part of the texts that were given to me included Matthew chapter 24, Luke chapter 17, and Revelation chapter 9. Matthew 24 is Matthew's account of the Olivet Discourse and we find it regarded in the Gospel of Luke in chapter 21, and the Gospel of Mark.  Now, I was asked to speak from Matthew 24, but I need for you to understand something. Matthew 24 is totally and completely associated with the second coming of Jesus, not the rapture of the church, the second coming. Now, there are some things said in the other accounts, particularly Luke 21:20-24, that have to do with the events that happened in Jerusalem in A.D. 70. Now, understand that these 3 writers heard Jesus delivering that discourse. They wrote their own records of that discourse based upon who they were individually and based upon their readers. Matthew wrote to Jews about a Jew regarding Jewish things. It is totally Jewish in it's nature. Mark and Luke were a little bit different, but they wrote about the same thing.  In order to get the  whole picture from Matthew 24, the Olivet Discourse, you have got to study all 3 of those and you  have got to keep in context who was writing and to whom they were writing. The Olivet Discourse is the story of human history between the first and the second comings. The focus is 2 major events, the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, that is in Luke 21, and the events prior to the return of Jesus to the earth as King of Kings. The passage of the last 2000 years has made these things more clear to us. The readers of the early church read those things and there were some things that they could not see because it went beyond their experience. Because of history, because we can look over our shoulders and see some of the things that happened, these things make much more sense today to us, than they did to those people 2000 years ago. The Luke 17 text is Jesus's teaching to His disciples in response to questions from the Pharisees while He was going to Galilee to Jerusalem.

Folks, the Lord's major ministry was not in Jerusalem. He probably spent no more than 6 weeks of His life during his 3-1/2 years of ministry, in Jerusalem. His headquarters were in Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee. Revelation chapter 9 is John's description of events in the tribulation after the sounding of the sixth trumpet. At the resurrection, the apostles and the disciples knew nothing of THE church. Their understanding of “church” in Matthew 16:18, could have meant any group that the Lord would establish in the future with the followers of Jesus. The word church can mean Sanhedrin, it can mean congress, it can mean a city council, it can mean any group of people that have been called apart from the major group and set aside for a specific purpose.

On Pentecost, the church as we know it, the body of Christ, was formed. We know it as church, with a definite article, the church. When you say the church today, we know what it is talking about. To those people, those early disciples, it simply meant a specific group of people called out from the world to do something.

We had a recent calling out of Jews several years ago, about 10-12 years ago, in the Galilee area. Do you remember what it was? It was the re-establishment of the Sanhedrin. They have a Sanhedrin today. That is an ekklesia, something called out from the major group. When you think about that, these texts and these scriptures make a lot more sense.

In Acts chapter 1, the concept of the Gentiles being brought in was foreign to the thinking of regular Jews. They just didn't have a clue how things were going to work. They understood some things at the resurrection of Jesus, but He spent 40 days working on some things that had to do with the kingdom of God.  If you look at the study in those first few verses of Acts 1, you see that His whole teaching was on the kingdom of God.  Now, their understanding grew during that 40-day period because His  teaching was on the kingdom of God. He was the greatest teacher to have ever lived and to say that His disciples were confused about this kingdom thing would, I think, it would have missed the fact. Their question in verse 6, “Is it at this time that You restore the Kingdom?”, I think it was dead on.  When  you read the scriptures, the phrase “latter days” in the Old Testament, always refers to the time leading up to and including Israel's final and complete national restoration and spiritual redemption. The term, “times of the Gentiles,” simply means the times then the Gentiles will control Jerusalem. Let me illustrate that. In 1967, at the end of the Six Day War, many brethren were saying, “Whoa, prophecy fulfilled today because the times of the Gentiles are over.”  No they weren't!  The icon of Judaism is still held under Muslim control tonight, it is the Temple Mount. An Israeli general named, Moshe Dayan, great general, great tactician, great strategist, gave the Temple Mount back to the Jordanians so that they could administer it.  There are a couple of reasons for that.

  1. Moshe Dayan was a secular
  2. That means he didn't give a rip about the Temple Mount. It had no spiritual significance He gave it to the Waqf, which is a Jordanian agency that takes care of the Temple Mount. He gave it to them because he figured he didn't want to be fighting another war with the Jordanians over the Temple Mount, so he just said y’all want it, y’all can have it. They have got two shrines there. They have got the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the south end of the Temple Mount and then, almost on the northern edge, they have the Dome of the Rock or the Mosque of Omar. Moshe Dayan gave it back to them. They control it today. The times of the Gentiles are not over! The most critical part of Israel is being held by Muslims today. The times of the Gentiles are also known, if you study Daniel, chapter 2, as a time of war and conflict in the history of not only Israel but the history of the world because there will be no peace for the world until there is peace for Jerusalem. I don't care what Mr. Obama does, I don't care what Mr. Kerry does, and if the Lord tarries until after the next election, I don't care what the next president will do and their secretary of state will do. it's not going to bring peace to the Middle East, it's not going to bring peace to the world. This world will know no peace until it knows the Redeemer. That is a fact! You can put an exclamation point behind that! There is no peace until Jerusalem is at peace. That means that Jerusalem's problems are spiritual and not political. The thing that we will see threaded throughout this message is that in the days prior to the second coming, theworld will reflect the way of life of the people who lived prior to the flood, which means war, famine, strife, blood shed, you name it. I think that if you read your newspaper today, or if you watch the news tonight, you will see that that is a fact.

In the days of Noah...what about them? Matthew chapter 24 speaks of the days of Noah.  Use of the term can be inclusive of both good and evil activities and it parallels our day. Not everything that is happening today is bad.  There are some good things that are happening, but from a world perspective, it is in the toilet. There is nothing you and I, even as the church, can do about it. People were eating, they were drinking, and they were getting married during those days of Noah. There is nothing wrong with eating, drinking, and getting married, I like the idea. It was not the fact that they were eating, drinking, and getting married that was bad, it was that they placed emphasis upon God's blessings over any emphasis on what God had said. The consequences were ears without hearing and hearts without sin sensitivity. Folks, one of the major problems, not only in secular universities and high schools, for that matter, but also so-called Christian universities and high schools, is that there is no sensitivity to sin. We might talk about that some later this week. The consequences are not good.  Every thought in the days of Noah was motivated by and directed toward evil continually. The old man, Noah, preached for 120 years. His warnings were ignored and probably he was quite ridiculed. The day came and the unprecedented deluge began. It is similar to what is in Luke 17 about the days of Lot, the evil activities that God had told Abraham existed in Lot, something Abraham already knew. God said to Abraham, I am going to destroy it. You remember the back and forth negotiation between Abram and the Lord, the preincarnate Christ. He said if there are 40 people, would you still destroy it?  God said, no I wouldn't do it. Then they got down to 10 people. There were not 10 righteous people in the entire city. This illustrates some things. The first thing that it illustrates, in my opinion, is that God will not judge this present world before He removes the church. Good brethren disagree with that and that's okay. But, in my opinion, that's not going to happen.  I believe that the church will be removed prior to the tribulation.  That does not mean that the church will not see tribulation.  Folks, we've got it good.

There are brethren on the other side of the world who are living a hell on earth because of their faith. What is it about us, in this country, that makes us believe that we are exempt from that kind of thing? We are not!

The second thing, and when I got a real handle on this I just wanted to scream hallelujah, it's God's nature to grant power to the prayer of faith to which He consents to yield. The great God of Heaven will yield to prayer? Yeh. He places Himself, think about this, God places Himself in such a relationship with men. He not only works upon mankind by means of his grace, but He allows us to work upon Him by means of our faith. He has given human beings the right to assert themselves, or ourselves, in faith. Can you get a handle on that? When is the last time you have been on your knees for an extended period of time begging God to do something? James says the effectual prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. The word effectual prayer, effectual means to stretch, to strain.

When is the last time we collectively, as the body of Christ within our brotherhood, have been on our knees saying, “God help us!”, prefaced by a, “God forgive us!”. Why are our churches dying? What is happening to our churches?  I don't know the answer to that, but I can tell you one thing, I have yet to be in a prayer meeting where the entire group hit the floor and said, “God forgive us”.  I don't know.

  1. At the time Jesus removes His church, the world will be in a state of full-blown, sewer-level Kind of like where it is right now. Consider some things about modern culture. When was the last time righteousness was considered in any business decision, or any political decision, or in entertainment.

I get a letter every once in a while. These people at the school board at home think I'm still a preacher. You might be thinking still is? You right! Still in a pulpit.  When they send letters to all preachers in the parish saying, “We begin our school board meetings with prayer.” Now, I don't have time for that. They say we meet on a Monday night or a Wednesday, I've got more stuff going on than to go down to the school board. They ask preachers to go in. Look, it doesn't matter what you believe. You can believe God is a sheep and you can lead in prayer. You can believe that God is Allah, you can lead the prayer. You can believe anything you want to believe and they go down there and they lead prayer. I got no time for that folks!

Righteousness is not necessarily invoked by a cleric's petition. When is a decision not determined by evil motives, whether you are talking about the White House or the Congress, or Wall Street, or Madison Avenue? Madison Avenue...my goodness! Have you seen the spring wear, the stuff that's coming out this spring for women to wear? Hollywood, all these agencies are heavily influenced by celebrities with no moral scruples and most of them with no belief in God whatsoever. The sins of sexual perversion are socially popular and acceptable. The homosexual agenda is presented as being legitimate. If you have children or grandchildren in public schools, that is what they are being taught either out-rightly or by implication. This kind of thing is supported by academia, by business, by the military, by the entertainment industry, and even religion. Right now folks, Christianity is a de facto crime in some jurisdictions and will eventually will be a crime du jour, or crime by law, that's coming. That could come before the removal of the church.

Result in rejection of God. Listen to what some of the icons are saying. Natalie Portman, everybody knows who Natalie Portman is. She said, “I don't believe in that, the afterlife. I believe this is it and I believe it is the best way to live.”  Natalie Portman.

Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant men you will ever read after. The only thing is, he is an atheist. I can see him now, he can't move, he is in a wheelchair and he is limited because of physical problems. He said, “Before we understood science, it was natural to believe that God created the universe, but now science offers a more convincing explanation.” What I meant by 'we would know the mind of God,' is we would know everything that God would know if there was a God, but there isn't, I'm an atheist.”  He is one of the top icons of scientific academia today.

Ian McKellen, British actor and homosexual, he said, “I've often thought the Bible should have a disclaimer in the front saying this is fiction.”

Everybody knows about George Clooney. He said, “Whatever anybody believes, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else is fair enough, it works, and I think is real and matters. I don't happen to have those beliefs as much you know.  I don't believe in those things.”  Now tell me, who are some of the top money earners in Hollywood today?  You got it.

I found something interesting about the Gilgamesh record of the flood. It's a myth. It's called a Babylonian myth, but there were some details from it that I found very interesting. The Babylonian myth of the flood includes certain events that happened in the years just prior to the flood. They don't call him Noah and they don't call the boat an ark, but they believe that there was a deluge. What was happening in those days before the flood, according to this Gilgamesh myth or this writing were these: There was an increase in famines and disease outbreaks, and there was an increase by lions and wolves in their attacks upon humans. I found that to be interesting because that parallels scripture. If you read Revelation 6, you look at those four great things that are going to happen that we will talk about later this week.  They have to do with those things right there.

If that is even close to being accurate, then I believe that God was warning people back then with the same signs that we see in the first four seals of Revelation 6. The reason there was no response back then and there is no response today, is the human heart condition.

What is the meaning of these signs?  Well, one thing that we get from it is that mankind has always been steeped in evil.  As the distance from God increases between God and humanity, so does the weight and the impact of barbarism, whether you are talking about ISIS or the brutality of the North Korean Regime, or abortion, I don't care what you want to talk about. As mankind becomes more estranged from God, the greater these sins and atrocities. What gives modern sins their prophetic distinctiveness.  I've had people say to me, “Well, Don, don't you know that these things have been going on way back in the day, the days before Noah?” and people have always been like this and that kind of thing.  Well, there are some things that give these signs a prophetic distinctiveness.  Today,  more than ever, people distinctively understand that there is something askew with this type of living. Even Portman, Hawkins, Dawkins, and the rest of those people, they know that there is something wrong. They don't want the solution to it because it would interfere with their lifestyle and their worldview, but they know that this thing can't continue. They say that humankind will find an answer, but they know that that is a lie. Humankind cannot find the answer. People know, though they do not admit it, that something ominous is going to happen.  I believe the truth of the matter is that denial of the ultimate accountability to God by man is less excusable today than it was 150 years ago. I do not think that science impacts our view of who is God negatively. If you want a kid to understand about God, give him a science book. Let him read about the human cell or any cell. Let him read about DNA and RNA. Let him read about all of those things they are doing today and tell me that that wasn't created, that that just happened.  We shouldn't be afraid of science.  Science backs up what scriptures say. It is all in the way it is presented and the person who presents it. Not only does humanity have the means of hearing and knowing the truth, it also has the opportunity to weigh the evidence.  It just doesn't like admitting the truth.

Three years ago this month, CSM published a newsletter entitled, “Why The World Can't Bury Titanic.” Everybody knows Titanic, 1912, and that kind of thing. We have gone through it, most of us have seen the movie, we've read the books. I remember the first one in 1957, “A Night To Remember,” or whatever the name was. You remember? I remember watching that movie and on that movie, the band played, “Nearer My God To Thee,” as the boat went down. You all remember all that stuff? Why do you think, after 103 years, we cannot bury that ship.  What is it about Titanic that enthralls us? I give to you an opinion, it is just an opinion in this article.  I want to read a couple of paragraphs.

“Beneath this thin veneer of confidence the world fearfully senses Titanic is a precursor to what is coming. The fascination is not only about the fact that the best man had to offer was not good enough in 1912, but is also about a constant and chilling premonition that man's best today is not good enough for what is about to show up on their doorstep.”

Christians certainly should use perception and common sense regarding preparations for hard times, yet all in the context of knowing that the Lord will take the church out of the world prior to the tribulation. But, in our confidence, we sometimes to fail to realize that unbelievers have no such assurance.

You and I go to sleep at night, we put our heads on our pillows and we rest. We don't know what is happening, what the Ayatollah is fixing to do in Iran, especially regarding Israel's deal with the United States. I don't worry about it, do you? Do you really worry about what is going on tonight. Do you really worry about your children and grandchildren being born into a world that is going to hell in a

hand basket. Do you worry about that? Does it rob you of peace? Does it take away your sleep? If you do folks, you need to read the Book! God wants us to eat, to drink, and to get married, if that's what He wants for us.  Don't worry about those things.  He's got this thing under control.

People in the world are not at peace with what they see coming and how their leadership is responding to it.  Deep down in their hearts, many unbelievers are fearful of what they sense is about to happen.

They are quite unnerved about what they believe might suddenly appear out of the fog. Seemingly the ghost of the lost ship haunts the human race, eerily appearing in it's mirrors and dreams. It's unspoken, yet very obvious message is unmistakable.  Terrible judgment is at the bow and humanity cannot escape it.

What do you see in that picture? There is a boat in that picture. That is a major reason why today's signs have prophetic significance. Things that can be said about some of the modern signs, let me give you several of them quickly.

  1. The signs of 2 Timothy 3 is the reflection of the worldview of Romans 1, that is the first
  2. Secondly, as the Spirit of God gradually left the temple in Ezekiel, so is God's hand gradually being removed from human
  3. God is giving them over, you will find that in Romans 1, to what they demand. What are people demanding? A world free of God's
  4. They refuse the light and they love the lie. Therefore, God is giving them over to the power or darkness, a power that is incomprehensibly evil! We don't understand evil in this

One of my teachers in Memphis, Dr. Olford, was a child when his father was a preacher in Africa. They would go to remote villages and Fred Olford would preach through an interpreter. One night Stephen, being a little boy, was sitting around the fire. The witchdoctor was going nuts! He was your typical witchdoctor, looked just like you see on television in the movies, and he was going crazy as Fred Olford was preaching.  Young Stephen was sitting there and like most young boys 8 or 9 years old, got bored. He leaned back, stretched his legs, and he hit a little wooden icon.  That sucker fell in the fire. When it did, this witchdoctor went berserk! He screamed and hollered. Dr. Olford said there was a guttural sound that was inhuman that came from deep within this man.  He ran into the jungle and he was slashing and cutting himself. He was just going crazy.  He ran back to the fire.  This icon had caught fire, had red embers, and he picked it up with his bare hands, feeling no heat whatsoever. He held it up. Within several days, Fred Olford reached that man with the gospel. We don't see that in this country. That exists folks! It exists right here on the face of this planet today. The evil that people are dealing with is incomprehensible.

  1. The result is the implosion of civilization as it's basic supports and tenets are dismantled by official government sanction. Remember, there is a distinction between the freedom of religion and the freedom to practice religion, don't forget
  2. Rebellious choices bring severe consequences. This is a phenomenon that is similar to the message of Daniel chapter 3. The first three Gentile empires are contained in the fourth Gentile empire. “And the stone that is cut out without hands smashed the feet of the fourth.” It says that in the process of the fourth falling in on itself, the three previous ones also finally and completely decimated. I find that very interesting. You mean that Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece are alive today? Uh-huh. McGee

didn't say it, scripture did. There are vestiges of those empires contained in this one that is coming, the one with the iron and the clay. Only here, now in 2015, will we might be able to see it seven years after Jesus removes his church and the fourth kingdom is fully destroyed while the world, itself, will see major destruction during the tribulation and the ruined kingdoms of the world will be rebuilt as a single and glorious kingdom of the Messiah.  Folks, that could be as close as seven years.

When you get a chance, read the second Psalm.  I don't have time to comment on that tonight.

I want to give you three signs that are disclosed in Romans chapter 1. I want to show you something from that though before I do that. It says the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and those who suppress the truth, but I want you to notice something. Three times God says he gave them over. In verse 24 He gave them over to impurity, in 26 He gave them over to degrading passions, and in 28 He gave them over to a depraved mind. Let's take a look at some of that. One of the first things to go in modern society is the idea of purity. We relish purity, whether you are talking about sterling silver, fine gold, it doesn't matter. I didn't know about diamonds. I bought a diamond one time years ago when I was a younger man. I used that and put it in a setting as an engagement ring for Valerie.  Well, when I bought it, I told the man I don't want to be a gemologist, but I want to know something about the diamond, show me. He picked one up and he said this is a certain cut of diamond. There are five ways to classify a diamond. He put it in this vice, he put a microscope over it, he said, “I want you to look at that.” I did and there were some black splotches in it. I said, “What are those.” He said, “That is carbon.” He then put another one in and I saw it after he pointed it out, but there were some cuts in it and the symmetry wasn't there. He said, “This is because somebody cut this diamond and either didn't know what they were doing, or whatever.” I learned a lot about purity. I said, “So, a person cannot just take a diamond and insure it for $500,000.”  He said, “Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You have to bring that to a gemologist. They look at it and the value is based upon the purity.”

Today it's passe', as they say where I'm from. Purity is passe', it's gone. It's no longer considered valuable. It's no longer considered important, even by those who profess to be Christians. Have you noticed the manner that Christian women and girls dressed?  Have you noticed?

Back when I was in the pulpit, I used to sit on a platform. We had people out there and let me tell you something, there were some sights to behold. I kept a book with me, my notes, in this little thing right here. I kept them like this, looking all pious and sanctimonious. Sometimes I would just have to kind of, like this.

One day or one evening, I forget which, I don't know why they called for prayer from the pulpit, they did. One guy requested prayer for his wife because she had been up and down, going to the bathroom all night with gastrointestinal problems. I held my book up and I started laughing. Valerie said you could see my shoulders doing like this, but it's a shame what professing Christian women look like.

And guys, I want to tell you something. It's a downright shame where we take our girlfriends and our wives sometimes on dates. The movies that we see, the places that we go. When was the last time that there has been any sense of purity involved in a heterosexual relationship by a teenager or someone in their 20s. It's not there anymore, even among those who are Christians. No longer does purity have a place in modern culture because it is incompatible with modern society, because it dampens the free exercise of the human will, because it wreaks of Christianity, because purity is inherently positive condemnation of nobody can judge.  You know the most important or the most quoted scripture today  is not Psalm 23, but it is Matthew 7:1, don't judge. We are going to talk about that this week. It's passe' because sexual preferences and practices must not be governed by Biblical directives.  It can be governed by anything you want. It can be governed by law, but it cannot be governed by Biblical directives. Because purity interferes with the bottom line in entertainment, business, and politics, it, therefore, must be purged from both the market place of ideas and the social conscience of modern society.  That is where we are with purity, it's gone!

I work with kids 2 weeks out of the summer and all I do is lecture.  In the junior week with the little kids I will use whatever lesson guide they have got.  The senior high school and college kids, it's straight expositional lecture from the Bible. The other teachers, you can do what you want to do, this is what I am doing.  Folks, I wish you could hear what some of those kids tell me in counseling sessions. If Christians knew what their sons and daughters were doing, they would die. You would not believe it. One morning we were addressing Romans chapter 1 and just exposition, one after another, one after another. Some of them were taking notes as fast as they could and there were others sitting there with their jaws dropped. And I talked about it all, heterosexuality, homosexuality, you name, I addressed it. They are at an age where you can do that. That night, when an invitation was extended, I didn't preach that night, the guy told me later, he said, “Don, one girl (he didn't tell me who she was and I didn't want to know) came to me and said, 'Everything Brother Don said this morning, I have done.'”  Her father was a leader in the church.  Did you know that?  Did you know that is going on in your congregations  if you have young people.  Did you know it?

Purity is passe'. Impurity is encouraged in every corner of society whether you are talking about television, movies, music, co-ed dorms, shacking up. They didn't have co-ed dorms when I went to college. I'm glad they didn't. When our daughter went to school at West Monroe in 2002, Valerie and I brought her up there and she had her choice of dorms where she could stay. Everyone of them was co- ed, except one dorm and they called it the nunnery. She said, “Dad, which one.” I said, “Ouachita, the nunnery, that's where you're going and I'm going to stand guard.” I had a little settee with the Chief of Police on campus about some areas that were unsafe because of the bushes, no light, and all that. I said, “You going to the nunnery and I will be watching.” I didn't have to worry about Katy, sweet kid, shacking up.

Do you know that professing Christian kids in their 20s shacked up. Did you know that? They live together. If they don't live together, they might as well live together because all the other activity is taking place in motel rooms, camps, secluded areas, and that kind of thing. Did you know that? Do you know how many preachers and elders address those things?  Mostly zero. Signs.

The military, yeah, I'm a veteran and I have a right to say what I'm about to say. In fact, I have an obligation. In policy of assimilation of women in the Armed Forces is an issue in and of itself and I can take you to the mat in arguing about it. But, when you have co-ed training and co-ed deployment in a time when raging hormones among men and women that age and they are all thrown together into one pile with no thought to it's impact upon mission effectiveness, you've got what we have right now.

Why?  Because the military of the United States today is all about political and social correctness and it's not about mission enhancement. Let me tell you something folks, there is no commander, let's say a lieutenant, a platoon leader, a first lieutenant, and he has got a perimeter to establish on his, let's say he's infantry. They set up an area and he gets his sergeant to set out a listening post. A listening post consists of two men at different areas on the perimeter. They are connected to platoon headquarters. I don't know what they use now. Back in my day, it was the old crank phone. What platoon leader, what company commander with a company perimeter would want to send a boy and a girl out there 100 yards from their perimeter alone at night.  You tell me how safe is his perimeter.  It's not safe! The same thing with homosexuals. You put two homosexuals in a listening post 100 yards from the perimeter and you've got no security because they are going to be messing where they got no business

messing and Charlie going to sneak up through the lines and slit their throats from ear to ear and they'll be inside the wire before you know what happens. I know that! The people in the Pentagon know that, but they will not do something about it.

Newsmax article October 12, this is 10 years ago. It was like this. One female Marine officer stationed at Ramadi said, “You have two choices, you can not (I can't use her words) do it and be miserable and be harassed or you can do it and you will still get harassed, but you will be a little less miserable.”

A military activist, Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness said, referring to the explosion of sexual activity in the military, “This causes problems and it becomes a national security issue.”

How many of you know David Hackworth?  Have you ever heard of him?  Do you know anything about him? David Hackworth knew more about tactics than probably most four-star generals know. Look what he said. He said he has also been rebuffed in attempts to get information on troop pregnancies.  “I have been getting serious stonewalling from the public affairs folks at the Pentagon.” He was a decorated Vietnam veteran and he was a columnist later. Get this, “They treat pregnancy stats with a higher security classification than the number of nukes in their arsenals!” That's in the United States military right now.

You all remember the Love Boat? Remember that from '91. During the Persian Gulf War, the press branded the destroyer tinder...some of you Navy guys, you all know about these destroyer tinders and all that kind of thing. I was an Army guy, don't know nothing about destroyers, except what we did...never mind. During the '91 Persian Gulf, the press branded the destroyer tinder USS Acadia  the Love Boat after 36 sailors, 10% of the women aboard became pregnant while deployed in support of Operation Dessert Storm. What is happening to these women in the military? This is what's happening right here, one in three women raped in the military, 500,000 women have been sexually assaulted in the US military.  You can go back and you can look at the data itself.  It's pouring in, time after time, day after day it is pouring in and what are we doing about it? The answer is nothing, it's stonewalled because it is not politically and socially correct. The barriers to unhealthy, damaging fraternization are gone and have been replaced by open doors of enticement and this reflects societies at large worldview. Do you want to know why the military is like this? It's because society is like this! I have family members who are females that went into the service.  Talk to them.  Talk to yours and see what they will tell you.  Their bodies are dishonored, that's in Romans 1.

There is something about base lust that I want to point out. Base lusts can never be satisfied because they are subject to the law of diminishing returns. That simply means what worked today won't work tomorrow. You've got to have what you had yesterday plus 10%. Such dishonor is openly flaunted. There are no filters today. Today such dishonor can never be deleted, but these kids don't give a rip about that. It's not that they don't know that once they post something on the internet that it's there forever, they know that!  They don't give a rip!

I guess about 10 years ago I had, what do you call that phone?  It's not a smart phone, it's a Blackberry. I don't know what it did, but I had one.  I don't know what this thing does. A message came in one day, I was in my man cave.  My man cave is my shop, its where I go do my thing.  Valerie has got the flower beds, I got the man cave. I was in the man cave and this thing beeped.  I opened it up and it was a picture of a girl that was naked, two pictures. Buck naked. I looked at the phone number, it wasn't ID'd, and I didn't recognize the number, but it came from a local phone. The next day I went to town, went to my office and I took the pictures and I put them on a CD.  I walked across the street to the district attorney's office. It was the assistant district attorney, I handed him my phone and I handed them the CD. I said, “This came in.” Now, I don't know if you've got a sting going, but I want you to understand one thing. I don't know these people, don't put me in no sting. I was covering myself. She looked at them and she said, “You know, you're right, that's not good,” because she looked to be underage. I said, “Well, you just know and I'm documenting I was in here today and I gave you this information and you erased it and all that kind of thing, but you got it.”  Folks, that's everywhere, that is everywhere!

What is posted on the internet is there forever for parents, grandparents, and future spouses, and children to find and see. Such dishonor can be seen on Facebook, spring break parties. Have you ever done a start page search on spring break? I did that for some research I was doing on a thing. Let me tell you something. I used to raise hound dogs to deer hunt with. Hound dogs are not that grossly immoral. Of course, my dogs are special dogs, of course.  I named them Joshua and Caleb because they led those other dogs to the promised land.

They don't care, kids don't care anymore. The moral standard is such as were the days of Noah, that they don't give a rip anymore. Facebook, spring break parties, you name it, they are influenced by the lie. Notice the definite article. They exchange the truth for the lie. In the Greek if you look at Romans chapter 1, the article “the” is in there. I don't know why they don't translate it in English, but most do not.  They choose to sever the lifeline of the truth that connects this present life with eternal life.

Rather they choose the death sentence of the lie that connects this present life with pain, depression, anguish, and eventually hell. What is the lie? The lie is what Satan told Eve and it is this, you are qualified to question God, you can deny what God has said, and you can substitute God's truth for the lie and get away with it. The modern version includes the old maxim, you are a god. I am going to talk about more of that later on this week.

The second thing we get out of Romans 1 with these signs is degrading passions. It says that God gave them over. God doesn't implant sin, but people get to a point in life where God has to remove His hand because of their choices and their decisions and several things happen. Their base desires are pursued with reckless abandon, the consequences of reckless pursuit begin to snowball and people suffer consequences at an increasing rate and soon destruction happens. I could just stand here all night and give you illustrations of this. Let me just give you this one. There is a 16-year-old girl killed in a car crash one night in New Orleans back years ago, over 35 years ago. Brought her body to the morgue, took her clothes off and in her body cavities were narcotics. Now, this was in '76. I'd never heard of such a thing and I've been around the world, I'd heard lots of things. The longer I was in that kind of work, the more of that kind of thing I saw. Destruction. Degrading passions. God gave them over, He doesn't implant sin, people choose it. Second Peter 2 says, “Unrighteousness is kept unto punishment for the day of judgment for those who indulge the flesh, despise authority, because they are like unreasoning animals and they are like springs without water and they revel in their deception and dark blackness is reserved for them. Their degrading sins? Simple! Men and women abandon their natural affection. They burn in their same-sex desires for each other. I am going to show you a guy, I don't know what night it is going to be, but his name is Brian McLaren. Have you ever heard of Brian McLaren. I am going to show you a picture of this guy and what this guy said about this. Part of the emergent church, “They punctuate their rebellious lies with shameless displays of perversion.” How many of you have ever heard of Southern Decadence? It's the homosexual Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Every Labor Day weekend, for about six days prior to Labor Day and one day afterward, perverts, homosexuals, pedophiles, you name it, come from all over the world and they go to the French Quarter. Now, I was a police officer down there for a while. They didn't have Southern Decadence when I was there, they just had plain old Mardi Gras.  They did nothing in Mardi Gras that they don't do at

Southern Decadence. You cannot imagine, you cannot imagine the degrading sins that are practiced in the open on the street in broad daylight! Thus, they receive the consequence of their insurrection against God.

Thirdly, mentioned in Romans 1 is the depraved mind. I am not necessarily talking about a shrieking mad man. A depraved mind begins with the refusal to acknowledge sinful acts as being sin. They call them anything you want to call them, but don't call them sin and it ends with self-imposed inability to discern good and evil, right and wrong, and often times ends with a POW, blowing their brains out.

Have you ever seen a human head that has had a shotgun shot through it?  Core depravity.  When God is excluded from a person's bank of knowledge, they default to depravity, without regard to social sophistication, intellect or the degree to which a person masters the arts and the sciences does not matter. Your academic credentials and your doctoral degrees have nothing to do with a depraved mind. It does not cure it, but often enhances it. Let me illustrate that with this guy, Adolf Eichmann. I'm a student of World War II, particularly, I am a student of Nazism. Look at what this researcher said about Eichmann. “One of the most disturbing facts that came out in the Eichmann trial was that a psychiatrist examined him and pronounced him perfectly sane.” I do not doubt it at all and that is precisely why I find it disturbing. Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichmann, Morton Bormann, Joseph Stalin, Stalin was a seminary student at one time. You sit down and talk to them, they are probably some of the nicest guys you would ever want to talk to. I put people in jail who could just, they could sing you a lullaby buddy and yet their hearts were so wicked and evil.

The essence of depravity, Romans 1:32, they admit God's penalty of death is just and yet they continue to do the same things and furthermore, give hearty approval to those who do likewise.

One last point, this spiritual depravity that we are talking about extends into the tribulation. This refers to Revelation chapter 9, one of the texts that I was given.  You can read it yourself, I don't have to but in essence, at this particular point, 33% of humanity is killed by the plagues of the sixth trumpet. In spite of the overwhelming evidence of what is happening, that God is judging sin and has extended mercy to those who repent, they do not. This is insanity at it's highest degree. More accurately, this is the place to which sin can and will eventually bring a person.

In conclusion, without regard to political candidates and elections, the world and this nation are beyond recall. If you think that a politician is going to stop this train, then you don't realize the train. If you think that the church is going to stop it, you also don't understand the church. The church's responsibility is not to change the world!  The church's responsibility is to preach the gospel if we could get that through our skulls! We've got program after program out there to change. Look, we can help people and that is a good thing, but if we think that our purpose for assembling on Sunday morning is to take people and get them off skid row and feed them and clothe them and to do all those things...if you believe that is what the church is to do, then you don't understand the church. We can do that, but that is not our goal, that is not our responsibility. The Great Commission doesn't say go and build half-way houses. It says go and preach the gospel. Our churches are dying because we are not preaching the gospel.  We are doing all kinds of stuff and we are salving people's conscience, but we are not preaching the gospel.  We are not praying.  Jesus said the love of some will grow cold.  I see it in the church. We must do the best we can with what we have, but global and national aspects of this world are corpses that are beyond resuscitation. But we have hope. Our hope is in the return of Jesus and if He comes back tonight, going to save me a trip home.  That's our hope if you are a Christian.

I am going to ask you to stand, I am going to lead us in a prayer and then I'm going to turn this over to Brother Ray.  Would you please stand.

Father, we have looked at some things that are very strong in the way You recorded them in the Bible. The language is very piercing and the application even more so.  Help us to deal with these things.  Give us courage and give us spiritual fortitude, the faculties that we need and then at the end, glorify Your name through all of those efforts.  We will thank you for it in Jesus name, amen.


Don McGee lives in Amite, LA and is Founder and Director of Crown & Sickle Ministries, The focus of Crown & Sickle Ministries is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ specifically through the teaching of Bible prophecy.  The objective of this teaching is two-fold.  First, it is to cause Christians to become more familiar with Bible prophecy and its unfolding fulfillment.  Second, it is to cause non-Christians to consider the claims of Jesus in light of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. www.crownandsickle.org

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