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Daily Bible Reading Notes – Matthew 3:1-12

by Mike Sanders

MikeSandersAccountability, Repentance, Fruit

The crowds felt the tension of John’s kingdom preaching. The coming accountability prompted action (Matt 3:5-6). Their repentance was genuine and evident by their immersion and confession (full agreement) of sin.

Religious leaders, many of them, felt the tension, too (3:7). Their response, however, was surface only (5:20; 23:27). John challenged them to present fruit to validate/harmonize with their repentance (3:8). Real repentance is the real remedy to the real “wrath to come.”

Some Lessons:


Michael T. Sanders is the former minister of the Buechel Church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky and now retired UPS DC-8 Captain.

One Response to “Daily Bible Reading Notes – Matthew 3:1-12”

  1. Don McGee says:


    Years ago Dr. Stephen Olford explained the original three-point sermon. It had to do with: 1) the mind 2) the heart and 3) the will.

    Your comments brought back some memories.

    Don McGee

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