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Daily Bible Reading Notes from Michael T. Sanders (8/31/14)

by Mike Sanders

MikeSandersForgive As” (Matt 6:12) 

Defined & Demonstrated

Forgiveness “in Christ” is the result of the Father’s having moved, reassigned, and/or repositioned my guilt. My being “in Christ” means I am no longer guilty! How did that happen? At Golgotha God made Jesus to be sin and Jesus’ finished work satisfied God’s wrath toward my guilt (1 John 2:1-2). That opened the way for my forgiveness. Thereby, I have been made righteous (2 Cor 5:21).

The adverb “as” identifies the model and the method for me to emulate (Matt 6:12). God in Christ Jesus is the model. I forgive you “as God in Christ also has forgiven me (Eph 4:32c; Col 3:13).” Now comes the question, “How did God in Christ forgive me?”

God in Christ MOVED my guilt. God took the guilt from me and placed it elsewhere. He put it on Jesus. My sin had broken the relationship. But God, motivated by love, made the way for reconciliation (John 3:16). Now I can have a relationship with the Father, only because He initiated the way (Rom 5:6-10).

God in Christ COVERED (blotted out) my guilt (Mark 14:24; Rom 3:25). Jesus purchased me for God with His blood, and the price paid was more than enough (Heb 9:13-14; 1 John 2:2; 4:10; Rev 5:9). Therefore, forgiving you means I likewise move your guilt and place it elsewhere. Like the Father has done, I place your guilt debt on Jesus.

God in Christ WILL NOT IMPUTE my guilt to me (Rom 4:8; 2 Cor 5:19). “Will not” is an emphatic negative, meaning never, ever, by no means. All provision has been made. As I remain “in Christ,” my guilt will not and cannot ever again be returned to my record. God will not ever again credit it to me. He will “remember it no more (Isa 43:25; Col 2:13-14).”

Now comes the question, “How do I forgive you?” Like the Father, I take the initiative; like the Father, I move your guilt from between us and credit it to Jesus; like the Father, I acknowledge the guilt covered, blotted out, as mine has been by Jesus’ blood; and like the Father, I determine that never, ever, will I impute the guilt of the offense to you. I have forgiven you “as” I have been forgiven. Like the Father, I now extend an invitation to you for friendship and wait for your response (Jas 4:8).


                              Michael T. Sanders is the former minister of the Buechel Church of Christ in    

                                                                           Louisville, Kentucky and now retired UPS DC-8 Captain.


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