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by Larry Miles

“Buy The Truth And Sell It Not.” This is the biography of Bro. E. Gaston Collins. It was written by his grandson, Frank Cook of Lewisburg, TN. I had the privilege of meeting Bro. Cook on Sunday (6-30-14) at “Summer Celebration” a Lipscomb University. Bro. Collins preached at Borden Church of Christ from 1952-1957 Click here for information on the book and how to order it. It is well worth the cost and is an interesting read.

“Messengers of the Risen Son In The Land of The Rising Sun.” This is a book about single women missionaries in Japan (1890’s thru WWII). It was written by Bonnie Miller. I heard her 2 presentations at “Summer Celebration” at Lipscomb the past 2 days (6- 30 & 7-1). Though about the single ladies ministering in Japan, the book talks about missionary families that were associated with “our fellowship” in those days. Bonnie Miller told me that the ‘Word and Work” was invaluable in her research, especially the column “On Foreign Fields,” by Don Carlos Janes (1879-1944) I have asked Bonnie to write a more detailed review of her book. The book can be ordered from Leafwood Publishers.


Kingdom Come:  I would like to bring to the attention of our readers a book that I feel will be well worth the read. It is called “Kingdom Come.” It was written by John Mark Hicks and Bobby Valentine.

The book would be classified “church history,” but it is more than that. It talks about the legacy of 2 men, David Lipscomb and James A. Harding. I am going to include 2 short reviews from the back cover of the book. Also, the book speaks very highly of 2 men whose life and ministry epitomized the principles of Lipscomb and Harding, namely, John Nelson (J.N.) Armstrong and Robert Henry (R.H.) Boll. I have shared this book with one of our elders at Cherry Street Church of Christ, J. R. Satterfield and he has bought a few copies to give away. Hopefully I can get him to give a short review in the near future.

“Hicks and Valentine remind us that our heritage is rich with spiritual mentors. Drawing from the lives of Lipscomb, Harding and others of like mind, the authors tell a powerful historical theological story. The heart of the book examines kingdom spirituality through four ‘means of grace’: reading scripture, ministering to the poor, meeting for worship, and praying. The book ends with an exhilarating description of the freedom enjoyed by citizens of God’s kingdom. This is church history at its best, using story and scripture to shape and move us.”

-Douglas A. Foster, Director, Center For Restoration Studies, Abilene Christian University.

James A. Harding and David Lipscomb were spiritual giants who heralded living in the face of the Lord’s coming again, trusting Him for all of life’s needs, walking in the Spirit, prayer, Scripture reading, peacekeeping and more. The authors do an excellent job of showing how Scripture and contemporary scholarship sustain the commitments of Lipscomb and Harding and challenge our own life before God and in His church.”

-Thomas H. Olbricht, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Religion, Pepperdine University.

The book can be ordered through Amazon.


Review by Larry Miles, Part time minister at Mackville, KY Church of Christ. Member of Cherry Street Church of Christ, New Albany, IN

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