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Zimbabwe April 2014 Newsletter

by Robert Garrett

RobertGarrettWe (Paul Kitzmiller and myself) arrived safely Thursday evening march 27 after a 24 hour flight and gave thanks to our Lord for His mercies.

After only two days to get over jet lag Paul began his series of lessons Sunday morning at the Mbare Church. These continued every night through Thursday night.

A FULL PROGRAM: Three “Gospel Weeks” with Paul Kitzmiller among our churches here in the City of Harare:

1. Mbare, beginning Sunday morning March 30. Then every night Mon though Thursday April 3.

2. Kuwadzana: Begin Monday night April 7 through Friday night April 11.

3. Glen Norah. April 13 Sunday morning and evening and every night through Thursday April 17.

WuyuWuyu: In many respects may be considered the “mother church” to the majority of our congregations among the Mashona people. Bro John Sheriff started a mission school here about 1913, and my parents, SD and Dollie Garrett came here to WuyuWuyu in 1930. In 1931 a very nice church building was erected at WuyuWuyu. (However, because of policy changes in Government in the 1980’s, the primary school was taken over by the local Rural Council and is no longer a mission school.)

The SD Garretts taught there at WuyuWuyu for two years before moving to the capital city Salisbury, now renamed Harare.

As Harare City grew and expanded with new residential areas, new congregations were established in these areas and we now number 11 congregations in the city. Many of our members and some of our church leaders here in Harare are from WuyuWuyu.

WuyuWuyu Camp Meeting. The church there had planned a Camp Meeting for the weekend beginning Friday evening April 4 through Sunday April 6.   We drove out there early Sunday morning. It is about 75 miles of which one-fourth is over rough dirt roads. Although the congregation there only numbers about 50 these days, the building was jam packed. No official count was taken but I think that there were about 300 present that morning. Many had come from surrounding areas and quite a few from Harare

Earlier in the year they had e-mailed me about the WuyuWuyu camp meeting and asked me to speak Sunday morning and address the purpose of miracles and their place in our worship these days.After it was confirmed that Paul would accompany me to Zimbabwe I assigned the subject to him. But they gave me an early morning slot anyway, so from 9:00 to 10:00 I taught on our Lord’s warning in Matt 24 against false teachers. Then Paul gave his lesson concerning miracles from 10:30 onwards.

False Prophets and False Teachers abound throughout Africa today. Claiming to do miracles, claiming to prophesy and to heal. Twisting the Scriptures to their own destruction, they nevertheless draw huge crowds and lead many astray. These False Prophets grow fat and extremely wealthy as they extort money from the gullible with their pseudo-scriptural promises of wealth and health.

Easter Camp: April 18-21. This is for young singles aged 18 upwards. We had 170 campers. Although there are several other teachers, Paul gave three lessons and I gave two. I had asked Paul to address those false teachings in his lessons in the three “Gospel Weeks” and also at the Camp. He did a most excellent job. As I write this, Monday 21 April, we have just finished the Easter Camp and it was a really enjoyable time.

PRAISE THE LORD! ELECTRICITY - After almost three months without, ZESA replaced our 50KVA burnt-out transformer just three days before the Camp. It is wonderful to have electricity again, to take a warm shower, to no longer have to wash your face in ice-cold water, for Rosewinter to cook now on the electric range, to do welding and other stuff in our workshop, and so forth. Awesome ! Cool !

I am not able to connect to e-mail here at Ruwa so Paul will take this news-letter with him back to the USA and send it out for me. He is due April 23.

May The Lord Richly Bless Each Of You !

Robert & Joy Garrett

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