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Pray This Way

by Mike Sanders

MikeSandersDaily Bible Reading Notes by Mike Sanders:

February 13, 2014

Pray This Way (Matt 6:9)
“Lord, teach us to pray . . . (Luke 11:1-4).” Jesus, answering their request, said to the disciples, “Pray, then in this way: (Matt 6:9a).” Jesus presented the disciples with a model for their praying.
Our prayer first addresses the Father. Protocol features the Father and the intimate, family relationship we have with Him. As such, there is necessarily a dialogue. Pray, worship, linger, and listen.
Jesus’ prayer sets priorities, first things first. Prayer is at the same time both intimate with and respectful of the Father. One need not interfere with the other. Respectfully, we acknowledge and honor His priorities in our praying.
The first order is the Father’s concerns. Our Father's name is to be held in highest honor. Pray for the fruition of His kingdom, when His will is done here on earth.
Then, Jesus includes our concerns. Pray for daily provisions, forgiveness, and protection from evil. (Note the plural personal pronouns throughout. Why not singular?)
The concluding doxology worshipfully acknowledges the Father. Jesus’ model prayer ends as it began, featuring the Father.



Michael T. Sanders is the former minister of the Buechel Church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky and now retired UPS DC-8 Captain.



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