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“Tuned In” At Ladies Inspiration Day

by Sandra Naugle

tvSaturday, April 5th was a ‘Tuning In’ day for the attendees of the annual Ladies Inspiration Day at Kentucky Avenue Church of Christ in Louisville, KY.  The theme was ‘Make Me a Channel of Blessing’ and sub-title was ‘What Channel Are YOU On?’  

Speakers were Judy Ford who spoke on ‘The Faith Channel’, Betty Anne Sanders who spoke on ‘The Discovery Channel’, Betty Ann Schreiner who spoke on ‘Me TV – The Family Channel’, and Shirley Taylor who spoke on ‘The News Network’. 

The speakers did a lovely job of bringing Godly things to our notice that fit these titles.  All were encouraging and inspirational and very enjoyable.  One of the speakers used this saying that is good for all of us to remember: ‘If you can’t trace God’s plan, trust His heart’.

There was also ‘The Fashion Channel’ and this was an interesting and very fun fashion show.  One of the models had small bells on the hem of her pants and across the back and of course, these were ‘bell bottoms’.  One of the models had on a ‘Seersucker’ outfit and as you might guess, there were actual suckers attached. One of the younger models had springs on her clothes and of course, this was a ‘Spring’ outfit.  She left the ‘runway’ by doing cartwheels. These are examples of the ‘fun fashions’ we saw during this time.  And of course, the narration went along with the ‘fun’ fashions. One of the speakers had encouraged us to laugh a lot because it is good for us (and actually burns calories) and the fashion show certainly provided plenty of opportunities to laugh.

Lunch was titled ‘Food Network – TV Dinner’ but it did not come out of the freezer or the microwave and was very enjoyable. The tables were decorated with spring flowers and scripture verses.

Upon arrival, we saw a popcorn machine and inside were popcorn bags that contained a name tag, a registration card, and a lovely magnet with picture and scripture to take home.

Sandra Naugle closed the program by reading a poem she wrote titled, ‘Sit Me Down, Lord’.  (This poem can be found on the www.wordandwork.org website in the March 2014 ‘Living Faithfully’ edition.) She then closed with prayer.

God truly blessed the day with beautiful weather and good attendance and it was obvious everyone there enjoyed and appreciated the work the committee had put into the planning.

Submitted by Sandra Naugle

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