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Nakahara Mission Update


December, 2013  Christmas!

We praise God for sending His precious Son, Jesus Christ to us!

We want to express our deep appreciation for each of you. Thank you for remembering us in your prayers, and for your financial support. The Lord knows and provides for our needs through you.

Our boys, Kazuma and Lyn, have made good transitions into their new schools in April. Kazuma started his first year in college, and Lyn in high school. As we expected, Lyn’s high school life is extremely demanding. His advanced school curriculum is such that what they would normally learn in three years (Japanese high school is three years), they will finish by next July. This means students are learning three times faster than the average high school student. This results in an unbelievable amount of daily homework. Lyn stays up late every night studying.

This is the school Lyn was hoping to enter. However, he spends so much time studying, it consumes his life. Tomoko and I were concerned not only for his physical health, but also for his spiritual and mental health as well. When we shared our concerns with him, he didn’t know how to have a balance without doing his best. This dilemma may have added more stress. But lately, he seems to have figured out how to balance his time.

Kazuma, who is an English major in college, is thoroughly enjoying his first year of study. He joined a club called “Little World Camp.” in which he works with Japanese elementary school students who come in contact with other elementary students from foreign countries. This program was featured on a program on TV this year. Kazuma is hoping to become a teacher some day, so this experience is very valuable. Also, he is thinking and praying about studying in the US, and has begun talking to his counselor about his desire. Lord willing, he would like to come in the fall of 2015. In order to raise some funds, he secured his first part-time job at a grocery store. He works four days a week as a cashier.


Tomoko recently accepted a position as the director of her kindergarten. The previous director became ill with cancer. Normally, the director does not teach, but they couldn’t find a replacement teacher. So, Tomoko is working as a regular teacher and as the director. She comes home exhausted every day. When she turned down the opportunity to become the principal last year, she told the school management that she would do anything else they need to support the kindergarten ministry. She is doing exactly what she promised, and she is doing it with joy. Her attitude toward her work (ministry) is so positive, that the boys and I are so proud of her.

Reflecting back over the year, my time has been filled with “Meditation Class” – four times a week, teaching online courses for Osaka Seminary, and of course normal pastoral work, etc. One of my Seminary students is a female who is legally blind. She suffered a degenerative eye disease a few years ago, and she will be completely blind in the near future. She has been a blessing in my teaching life. Her ability to listen and comprehend is amazing. When we study lengthy Old Testament passages, I always wonder if she comprehends. Her comprehension and understanding of sentence structures which leads to interpretation encourages me. While I am teaching her, God is teaching me more.

Even though my responsibilities are many, I want you to know that I enjoy every work that God has given me. What a blessing it is to be able to say that I love what I do! We will have more to say about facilities in a later newsletter.

It is our joy to be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and may each of you be filled with the joy of Christmas! The Nakaharas wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Maranatha! Perhaps this is the year.

In His Love,

Michiya, Tomoko, Kazuma and Lyn Nakahara

Nakahara Mission -- P.O. Box 54842, Lexington, KY 40555


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