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L-O-V-E-D (Larry Bryant)


By Larry Bryant


larryBryant  As Christians we hold a large responsibility in our living and witnessing to others.  John 3:16 gives us the road map as to why we should live and witness for God: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son” ESV.  If God LOVED the world, then who are we to not challenge ourselves in the way we live, or that we would pass judgment as to who we witness to and who we don’t?

The intent of this article is to challenge us as Christians to use the following acrostic in challenging us in what we think about living for Christ, and about what we think about witnessing to others.






To help us challenge ourselves as we live for Christ, and to help us help those around us find Christ – each letter of this acrostic both teaches and challenges.

As we look at what we hold dear or as right and wrong, or when we witness to others, we need to realize not everyone around us has been raised in a Christian home, and there are some that haven’t had the benefit of sound scriptural teaching (even those who were raised in a Christian home – example: some are taught that Genesis is written to cover “Gaps” in time and that God’s Word from the beginning is recorded in error or with some hidden meaning in it) from which they understand God’s Word.

This acrostic is meant to teach, and challenge us as believers.  God LOVED so Jesus came, we are LOVED so Jesus came, those who are in Christ or outside of Christ need to be LOVED so Jesus came, He taught to show us all we have a need to be LOVED, He lived as one who LOVED, He died as one who LOVED……..question is, are we living and teaching as one who is LOVED?  Stop to think – Jesus adopted me and is sending me to do His work everyday, everywhere I go……now that is worth reflecting on.

Learn    (Verb…..action word)

Observe    (Verb……action word)   Romans 12:9-21

Voice   (Verb……action word)

Educate    (Verb….action word)

Declare     (Verb…..action word)

How does one declare?

With all that is going on in the world today, we recognize Satan is very active everyday.  As our loved ones make decisions that we know aren’t good for them, our hearts hurt.  Even those we know who don’t live as if they have a relationship with Christ, we must careful in how we approach their lives or we risk destroying any opportunity we have to help them realize the need for Christ.  We don’t see Jesus destroy opportunity in demanding change, He taught in a manner that allowed others to choose for themselves the direction for their lives – and yes, some chose to turn away from Him.  His example shows us not to “push”, but to lead and allow others to recognize the truth, then make their own decisions.

Some examples are when we hold strong to a political belief, or something that hurt us in our past  and we are sensitive to it - we speak or react in a way that appears to others to make our opinion of it equal to scripture.

Our faith, and example is in Jesus Christ – not government, not any political party nor political candidate, no earthly church, nor earthly minister.  As Christians we have the indwelling Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us…….and it is through Him that we will prevail in being used by God to bring Glory to his church.

Are you LOVED?  (this acrostic is made up of action words – action for us, and action for us with/towards others)

Take time to reflect on this article – what comes to mind?  There are things that you agreed with, and some things that you question as you read this.  Take time to write those things down and spend time in God’s Word seeking answers.

I know I have many opinions  - some He has changed, and many more I need to allow Him to change – and all of this is due to God’s Word convicting me of just that – they were my opinions and not God’s teachings.

Never forget all mankind wants to be LOVED……


Larry Bryant is an Elder in the Tell City Church of Christ, Tell City, Indiana

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That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:10