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Little Children

by Rebecca Parr

(From Cherry St. Church of Christ Blog)

The privilege of being a parent is one-of-a-kind. It’s a job that is common, but also incredibly special and important. Somebody once said that a baby is a deceptive bundle of joy. Children are born into this world a very helpless creature, and yet, for all their fragility they can nevertheless project a wail that will surely reach the neighbor’s house. They cannot dress themselves when they are young, but they have the unmistakable ‘talent’ of voicing their opinions on many different matters.

There is NOTHING like the smiles and giggles of a baby, and hugs from your toddler. There is also nothing like the consternation when that sweet baby of yours suddenly decides that his or her way is better.

I can see a parallel of this relationship in the Bible between God and the people of Israel. At times they are very needy, and are crying out to him. Other times, they are defiant and rebellious. All the while he tries to tell them that he knows what’s best for him. Where are God’s people today in this regard? I don’t at all disregard people’s physical needs, but how often does our heart break for someone’s spiritual need? How often do we get distracted by everyday living, and things of the world when perhaps God has a role for us to play that affects the spiritual realm? I want to be a better ‘child’ to my King of Kings, and to know how to interpret his plans for me.

Jesus said if anyone causes a child to stumble, it would be better if a millstone were hung around his neck and he be thrown into the sea. He also said the kingdom of Heaven belongs to people with the spirit and trust of a child (my interpretation), and he desired their company. Think of the characteristics of children: wide-eyed innocence, trust, a zest for living, and the ability to be inspired by the awesome…how can we as adults regain some of these characteristics?

I love my children a lot and I do think that they are one of my greatest blessings. Here are some of my journal entries of funny things they have said or done. Enjoy!

Yesterday I was explaining to the kids that they could not have everything they wanted. I said, “I want a real elephant, but do you think we could have a real elephant here?” Jackson’s eyes got big and he said soberly, “You would need a BIG shovel!” I laughed and he got mad. Today my 4yr old said ‘Mommy, you don’t look like anything with your ponytail.’ I paused and asked ‘Is that a good thing or a bad thing?’ She paused and said uncertainly ‘I don’t know.’

My 2 yr old doesn’t get the concept of staying in bed. Night after night, she comes out to the living room, looking cute and whispering to us about being scared of the dark, or just whatever. Two nights ago, she came out with a Tinkerbell hat on her head, a backpack on, and carrying a baby and her sippy cup with water. Looked like she was going on a hike. Last night, she appeared with stickers on her face. It’s impossible not to laugh at her, but I think I’ll lose my mind.

-Rebecca Parr lives in Lanesville, IN and  worships  with Cherry Street Church of Christ

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John 16:33