Faith, Family, School, Team, Self.

Is That How It Goes?

When I played (yuck), I can remember a coach telling me what my priorities should be.  It was faith, then family, then school, then the team and finally myself.  Now growing up, I wasn’t exactly a real religious kid and I can remember not understanding putting faith before family.  In fact, it made zero sense to me.  But it also made little sense to me to put school before the team; just call me a stupid kid or maybe your average kid.

But recently I started reading a book called Lead….For God’s Sake by Todd Gongwer (which I will write a little bit about when I finish the book) and in the book it claims that saying is all wrong.  Faith (God) cannot be compartmentalized into a list.  In fact, it should read Faith (God), Family (God), School (God), Team (God), Self (God).

We are called not to be just Sunday Christians, but to walk a Christian LIFE.  It is a hard thing to do, but yet it isn’t.  A believer, especially one walking with The Holy Spirit, should find it effortless to do so.  I believe that you will not only find it easy and effortlessly, but you will look for more ways to be an example of Christ to the world.

It is easy when the feeling over takes you to catch fire, but don’t be a roman candle Christian.  Remember that the stronger you get in your faith, the stronger and more often it will be tested.  You will be tempted to return to the life you had before, but you must resist.  When you feel lost, when you have doubts, when you feel like you are going through the motions, find someone to speak with to help you stay the course.

Posted by Perry Hunter, Borden High School Basketball Coach (Gleaned from Facebook)