Text: 2 Peter 1:12-21

  • Introduction: The best defense against false teaching is true living. A church filled with grow­ing Christians is not likely to fall to false teaching. A Christian who knows what he believes and why he believes will rarely be seduced by the false teachers and their doctrine. Peter under­scores the dependability and durability of the Scriptures by contrasting the Word of God with men, experiences, and the world.

I. Men Die, But The Word Lives (2 Peter 1:12-15 There were at least 3 motives behind Peters’ ministry as he wrote this letter

  • Obedience to Christ’s Command. (2 Pet. 1:12) Jesus said “Strengthen thy brethren.” (Luke 22:32). Peter had a ministry to fulfill.
  • It Was The Right Thing To Do. It is always right to remind the saints about the Word of God.
  • His third motive is wrapped up in the word endeavor (ensure in the NKJV) in 2 Pet. 1:15. It means to hasten to do something, and to be zealous in doing it. Peter knew he would soon die and wanted to fulfill his spiritual responsibilities.

What did he want to accomplish? “Remembrance” He wanted to impress his readers’ minds with the Word of God so that they would never forget it. We can depend on the Word of God. “It is written.” We can be saved through this living Word, nurtured by it, and guided as we trust and obey.

II. Experiences Fade, But the Word Remains. (2 Peter 1:16-18)

The focus on this paragraph is on the Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus. What was the signific­ance of the Transfiguration?

  • It confirmed Peter’s testimony about Jesus.
  • Peter could testify on reality, not hearsay.
  • By reminding his readers of the Transfiguration, Peter affirmed several important doctrines of the faith
  • That Jesus is indeed the Son of God.
  • It was also an affirmation of the truth of the Scriptures. Those who question the truth and au­thority of the Word are questioning Jesus.
  • It affirmed the reality of God’s kingdom.

We have learned two important truths as we have seen these contrasts: men die but the Word lives, and experiences fade, but the Word remains.

III. The World Darkens, But the Word Shines. (2 Peter 1:19-21)

Peter made 3 affirmations about the Word of God

  • It is the Sure Word (2 Peter 1:19a) We can depend upon the Word of God. When God makes a promise, He will keep it. We can trust the reliability of the Bible.
  • It is the Shining Word (2 Peter 1:19b) God is light and His Word is light. Ps. 119:105 “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” As believers we must heed this Word and govern our lives by what it says. As the world gets darker and darker, we must look to the light. We have been called out of darkness into the marvelous light of the Gospel. We must share that light with others.
  • It is the Spirit-given Word (2 Peter 1:20-21) This along with 2 Timothy 3:14-17 attests to the inspiration of Scripture. Until the day dawns, we must be sure that the love for His coming is like a shining star in our hearts (2 Peter1:19). Unless we love His appearing we will not look for His appearing and it is the Word of God that keeps that expectation bright.


  • Men die, the word lives.
  • Experiences fade, but the Word remains.
  • The world grows darker, but the Word shines brighter.

The believer who builds his life on the Word of God and looks for the coming of the Lord Jesus is not likely to be led astray by false teachers. He will be grounded in the sure Word of God.

Peter’s message is “Wake Up and Remember!” A sleeping church is the devil’s playground. It was while men slept that the enemy came in and sowed the tares. “Be alert!” is the Apostle’s message. “Wake Up and Remember!

Larry Miles lives in Louisville, KY and is a member of the Cherry Street Church of Christ in New Albany, IN