RETIRED MISSIONARIES (report from latest Prayer/Praise Booklet – 2011)

Mae Broaddus, % Maple Manor Christian Home, 643 W. Utica St. Sellersburg, IN 47172

  • Items of Praise

Maple Manor Christian Home

  • provides excellent nursing care to meet all her physical needs.
  • Bible studies to strengthen her spiritually
  • Christian fellowship to encourage her in the Lord.

2. Family serves Lord in many different places. She was able to enjoy all the family at the same time this summer at family reunion in Kentucky.

3. Friends. Those who visit and send cards.

4. God’s faithfulness in the continuance of works dear to her heart in the Philippines and other places around the world.

Items for Prayer

  1. Her physical and mental strength. Mae is confined to a wheelchair.
  2. Send forth laborers – that more would answer the call to go.
  3. For the soon return of Jesus Christ.


Sophia Galanis, Amarillidos 27, 15341 Athens, Greece

(Info. submitted by: Emie (Galanis) Paschos)

We are doing fine now though we went through a very difficult summer because of my mother’s health. My mother had a very serious infection in the respiratory system in August that made her situation critical and us of course alert. She spent a couple of weeks at the hospital. As you know Parkinsons desease leads someone to the stage of not being able to swallow and she has reached that level. Now she is back to the Christian retirement home and is being fed through a tube. She is unable to communicate orally the largest part of time and is completely bedridden. Of course taking care of her is very difficult right now and it saddens us to see her suffer so much. My brother and I are on her side much more now that she is like that.

We thank you that you keep on praying for us and sending your support during this difficult time. It is needed now more than ever.