Nakahara News Update: (June 2011)

Nakahara Mission, P.O. Box 54842 Lexington, KY 40555

To all Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We last reported that the property adjacent the present church building had been purchased and that funds were being raised toward the overall building fund. We are very pleased to report that to date (June 1) a total of $18,750 has been raised (stateside) to add toward this project. Praise the Lord! This amount has been wired to Michiya Nakahara to use in the project.

Michiya has sent me a picture of the old house being demolished in preparation for the parking lot. It gives the present church building immediate access to the public street (the goal of the overall project). I remember the former look when I visited Michiya in the 1990’s, so it does look different to see the potential open space. Progress is being made.

Please be advised that the building fund account is still open and is in need of our continued support. We have already reported that the need is great. We will forward a second amount as it accumulates. If you are so led by to Lord to contribute toward this project, remember to mark your gift “Building Fund.” Send it to the address above. Also, keep in mind that it does little good to “rob Peter to pay Paul.” The Nakahara Mission’s regular support needs to continue without interruption.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and gifts to the Nakahara mission. May the Lord Jesus Christ honor your dedication to Him.

In anticipation of the return of Christ (Titus 2:13)

Bob Yarbrough  for the Nakahara Mission