Young People Can Serve Too!

As counselor I look at camp as a fun way to learn about God, meet new people, help others, and get away from all of the worries back home. Camp has become kind of a vacation from your parents and your home for a little while; then, when Saturday comes, you are ready to see your family and friends.


When I leave camp I always feel spiritually closer to God than when I came and I feel sadness for leaving a11 the girls in my cabin–that kind of end up like your daughters. Also, I feel great for the wonderfuI chance God gave me to come here, and I feel very, very tired.

But I love camp and am very thankful for all the bard work and love which the directors put into it. I thank God for Woodland Bible Camp.

This was written when Brittany was in the 9th grade at Portland Christian School.

Note from SKN: If you are free to volunteer as a counselor, cook, or teacher at a week of Bible Camp, please let the directors know you are available. The years that I attended camp at CYE in Louisiana and worked at Woodland Camp in Indiana are precious memories. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be used of the Lord.