NEWS FROM JAPAN...has been a relief coming from 4 of the Lord’s servants we’re most familiar with:

* Moto Nomura: (Yatsugatake Range) We spent one night without electricity power supply, making it impossible for us to heat our room or lighten rooms for 15 hours, but we are OK. Telephone lines were out of service. Gasoline is being rationed out to 5 gallon per car at $6.00 a gal. Conditions remind us of what we had experienced during the war time sixty years ago. I have talked with a couple key preachers over the matter, and we think it best that you trust us preachers and forward onto us the love offerings. We will use our wise Christian judgment to distribute the funds to the needy places.

In my case, please send the love offerings to

Church of Christ, World Wide, P.O. Box 54842, Lexington, Kentucky 40555

*with an ear mark something like : for earth quake relief / via Moto

* Michiya Nakahara: (Shizuoka City), his family and the church family are all okay at this time. They felt a violent and continuing shake that lasted about 1 minute. They live about 30 minutes (by car) from the coast line and feared the tsunami. The quake has been updated to a 9.2 and further quakes are anticipated.

* Bro. Amano (Tokyo) Thank you very much for asking about us. We had no damages but the earthquake was the strongest in my life. Our church building was shaked very strong. But we thank the Lord for keeping us safe. The damages have been terrible due to the tsunami and our local TV stations warn us that a new earthquake could come very soon. (Bro. & Sis. Amano operated a day care center)

* Jinei Tomura (Warabi Congregation in Tokyo) I have been out of Japan but saw the shocking news on TV. Our God’s family in Japan is doing their best and the building is okay with a bit of damage. It will be a great challenge for all of us to get back to normal. We prayerfully search for our path in God for His glory. We appreciate your prayer support.