Another month, another Word and Work! May it bring challenge, strength and renewal to all who read it, and glory to our Lord and Enabler (Phil. 4:13).

As an unbiased editor (!), I naturally think all our articles are good. That’s especially true this month. But the one that stirred me the most was Dennis Allen’s “Living by God’s Word.” He shares experiences of answered prayers and also memories of outstanding disciples he and Betty met overseas.

He mentions Gladys Aylward. Though Ruth and I never heard her, we were deeply moved by The Small Woman, the book about her fantastic experiences. Later it was made into a movie, and Dennis tells of its impact on actress Ingrid Bergman – who played the part of Gladys.

We never met Brother Andrew either, but again we were challenged by the stirring book about him, God’s Smuggler. [Of course we should read the Bible first and foremost, but don’t miss the additional blessings of good biographies about spiritual giants through the centuries—including our lifetime.]

Dennis also mentions Bakht Singh of India. He became a sort of 20th-century Alexander Campbell and Walter Scott combined! That is, he was both an outstanding reformer and evangelist, whose labors resulted in a far-flung back-to-the-Bible move-ment. (Yet, as always, there were some tares among the wheat too. At least some of his followers thought theirs were the only true churches. Where have we heard that before?)

I did have the privilege of hearing Bakht Singh preach, on opposite sides of the world. First in Manila, later in Kentucky. In fact when we learned he was coming to Louisville we arranged for him to speak in chapel at Portland Christian School! The students were surprised at the speaker’s Indian-style garb. The speaker was saddened but not surprised at the low degree of spiritual concern and commitment to Christ throughout the U.S. in general.

Brother Dennis did not mention Richard Wurmbrand. He was another spiritual ‘giant’ of the 20th century. His autobiography, Tortured for Christ, is not easy reading. But if you have never read it, you might give it a try. It too could transform your life.

Friends, may you be blest as you Read, Ponder, and Pray. And speaking of prayer, please pray for Word and Work. We want it to be a useful tool in His hands for as long as He desires it to continue. If you have something worthwhile to offer for use in W&W, feel free to mail it to us, at 209 S. Galt Ave., Louisville, KY 40206. Your suggestions are welcome too. Shalom.