Dennis Howard told EWTN television network on the day of the March For Life in Washington D.C. that legalized abortion is the equivalent of 260 Haiti disasters on American soil. The death toll from abortion in the U.S. is over 52 million. One of the differences is that Haiti is the result of a natural disaster. Abortion is manmade.

Another difference is that we search for the victims in Haiti and rush assistance to those injured from the earthquake. The victims of abortion are not worthy of sympathy or attention because they are the product of a “woman’s right to choose.” This year’s March For Life featured a line of women carrying signs that said, “I regret my abortion.” They represented the “Silent No More” awareness campaign.

As the pro-lifers…marched toward the Supreme Court, they passed by the gigantic display of pictures from the Genocide Awareness Project, some of them of aborted babies. Many of the people new to the march were transfixed by the images of bloody and dismembered bodies. They stared in disbelief. Imagine if the major media were to show these images.

As shocking as the photos are, the figures are almost as startling. In the interview with EWTN correspondent Damon Owens, Dennis Howard of the Movement For a Better America described the financial impact of abortion through the depletion of human resources. The loss of over 52 million people has meant a loss of $38.5 trillion in GDP. It’s almost as if a nuclear war had occurred on U.S. soil, he said. The result will be increased financial pressure and higher taxes on those under 40 years of age to pay for government, including the costs associated with those getting old….

The above is a portion of an article by Cliff Kincaid in the Jan. 26, ’10 website. It is extremely disturbing to me that many politicians are intent on all of us paying for this genocide through proposed “health care reform” and tax dollars going to the largest abortion provider—Planned Parenthood.