We pray that You will help our Communities to do what is wise, loving and righteous.

We pray that our Leaders will establish policies and laws which are fair to all.


Homosexuals who have been treated with cruel contempt and hateful rejection by some heterosexuals;

Parents who are filled with anxiety because they believe homosexual practice is wrong, but they love their child who struggles with these desires or has embraced this practice;

Young people who are perplexed about their sexuality because of the depraved teaching which is widespread in our culture and even many churches today;

Heterosexuals who have been treated with cruel contempt and hateful rejection by some homosexuals.


Those whose homosexual practices expose them to dangerous and deadly diseases.

Wake them up, so they may Escape!

Those who by choosing a homosexual lifestyle are reducing their life expectancy by over 1/3 … by more than 30 years!

Wake them up, so they may Escape!

We pray for homosexuals who have been told LIES–

the LIE that Jesus Christ Does Not Love Them and won’t Accept them as they are;

the LIE that Jesus Christ Approves of their lifestyle;

the LIE that once they come to Him they can be good Christians while continuing to live in this way which His Word disapproves and forbids;

the LIE that they cannot escape the practice of homosexuality;

the LIE that Jesus, the powerful Creator and loving Savior, cannot give them victory over their desires and maybe even remove and change their desires.

Father, expose these lies so those who feel trapped may Escape!

LORD, REBUKE and CONVICT any heterosexuals who are Hypocrites–engaging in Pre-marital or Extra-marital sex while proudly looking down on homosexuals because they are ‘perverts.’

LORD, REBUKE and CONVICT those people who are misleading our Youth by calling good evil and evil good; who say homosexual practice is natural and good — when Your Word, Heavenly Father, calls it Wrong.

LORD, give us Strong, Godly, Loving Homes and Families which will reach out to strugglers.

LORD CHRIST, help us to follow You by hating Sin while loving Sinners, and pointing them to You — the One who loves us all so much that You died for us while we were still lonely and terribly lost.