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Mission Letter: Robert & Joy Garrett

by Robert Garrett

January 12th, 2010

My second journey to Zimbabwe was from September 22 through December 9. In the few weeks available I try to visit  as many congregations as possible. Some need teaching on basic doctrines and some on leadership, prayer, Christian growth.

We had allowed a couple of men – who were members of the church – to stay on the church site in the portable huts we use at the different sites.  They were supposed to watch after the property and we paid them for doing odd jobs in the construction.  Several sheets of the Asbestos/Cement sheeting (12 feet long) along with some shorter sheets needed for the entrance verandah disappeared, and these men also disappeared!

In the afternoon we drove back to Bulawayo and Monday morning helped and directed the completion of the roof over the front entrance. Late in the afternoon we drove back to Ruwa.  There was still the need to fit doors to the Bulawayo building but could not find the right type. We needed 3 pairs of rebated double doors.  I had some new solid doors I had bought at auction many years ago. I had to cut the rebates in them and four of them had to be cut down to size as they were too wide.

I must send about $3,500 every 4 months  to buy diesel fuel for the mission and also other funds to keep the “mission” (our home) in Zimbabwe functioning.  Most of the time these days there is no electricity at Ruwa. There are repeated breakdowns in the supply infrastructure.  Thieves stealing power lines to sell for scrap, draining the cooling oil out of transformers and selling it for diesel with the result that the transformers overheat and burn out, and also what seems to be increasing incompetence in the part of authorities to repair the damage.

We have to take cold showers because the water heater is electrical.  We must run the generator about 12 hours a day to keep the fridge and  freezer going and to pump water from the well. It cannot operate the water heater. It costs about $10 a day to operate the generator.

Because of Joy’s arthritis and neuropathy she is unable to endure the air travel. That means I must maintain two homes, one in Zimbabwe and one in USA. This is simply is an appeal for prayer on our behalf.

LORD WILLING, I wish to return to Zimbabwe in March or April and stay about 3 ½ months.

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