A Reprint Worth Re-reading–

One morning at the recent Kentucky Bible Conference at Winchester, KY [1956], the leader requested that those present mention some neglected prayers. The list was written on the board. Most of our prayer lists are limited to the sick and shut-in, missionaries, and the Children’s Home, and a few emergencies. But these consecrated Christians came up with a list of sixteen things which they feel that we neglect in our prayers. Our prayer-life is more impoverished than some of us have thought. Here is their list in the order in which it came from their lips.

  1. For enemies.
  2. For God’s Will.
  3. For the Holy Spirit to fill us.
  4. For wisdom.
  5. For chastening.
  6. For one another.
  7. For men in high places.
  8. For laborers in God’s harvest.
  9. For boldness to live for Christ and to speak the Word.
  10. For Israel.
  11. “For us, that the Word of the Lord may run and be glorified.”
  12. For the lost.
  13. That we may escape the great tribulation.
  14. Open doors.
  15. For the Coming of Christ.
  16. That we might be one, to the end that the world may believe in our Christ.

Now let us each enrich our prayers!

[Larry Miles recently discovered the above thought-provoker in the April 1956 Word and Work.]