While looking through some old magazines (a hobby of mine), I noticed something in the Nov./Dec. 1983 Word & Work. It was in the missionary-letters section, and one of them was from a guy with my name. He and his family had returned from Manila about six months before, but soon would be active in ministry at the Portland church in Louisville.

Reading that letter stirred old memories, but also provoked deep gloom. For here is what it said:

“Ruth and I have visited numerous congregations in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Louisiana during the past few months. What joy to see dear friends.”

“But what sorrow too: only in a few places did we find a deep heart-concern for world missions, and a spirit of prayer. In most churches missions is just a neglected step-child, or at best a hobby for the few “fanatics who want to get involved in that sort of thing”!  Very few subscribe to Missionary Messenger [the monthly magazine published then, with letters, pictures, articles, etc. related to carrying out the Great Commission.]

“And only a small minority even knew who Elaine Brittell was, when we mentioned her ministry and murder. How disappointing! [She had gone from our churches as a missionary to Africa. After living there for decades, working mainly with poverty-stricken orphans and women, she was murdered by a thief who broke into her house one night.]

“We are deeply thankful for those ‘fanatics’ who have prayed and given to us for many years! You have been faithful partners in the work of God’s kingdom, and your treasure in heaven is great….”

That was 26 years ago. Have conditions changed very much since then?

Friends, how much does your congregation–and you personally–care about helping spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth? Do you and your family and your church keep informed, and pray regularly, and give financial support to the worldwide work of making our Lord Jesus known? Our orders are, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” By His strength, let’s do it! If we don’t, what will our excuse be when we see Him face to face?

Re-Run of a HAPPY Note

[This note was in W&W several years ago.]

Gary Pearson, a minister in Maryland, wrote us: “I’m expanding my subscription list from present and former members of our Tuesday evening Mens’ Ministry Team [a keen idea — avw] to include some additional members here [yes!] who I think would enjoy Word and Work.  Also included is the renewal for Magnolia Bible College’s library. [Wow, another really sharp idea!] Your low subscription price makes it possible to do this. With the good content and the low price, Word and Work is the best bargain I know of among religious periodicals. Keep up the good work!”

Gary’s emphasized statement above takes on more significance when you realize that he subscribes to quite a number of Christian magazines and/or church bulletins! It’s a hobby of his.  I won’t tell how many W&W subs he paid for, except to say it was over a dozen. I hope you remember that Bible verse that says, “Go thou and do likewise.” Also remember, THE PRICE IS EVEN LOWER NOW! It’s FREE for the Getting, and Free for the Spreading to others.  So please tell them about wordandwork.com.